Something Completely Different from Ipswich Bathroom and Tile Centre

Bonked! is a fast and fun and nail-biting multiplayer cycling card game for (most) ages.

The aim of the game is to avoid picking up the BONKED card and to be the last cyclist standing!

“Avoid getting BONKED to stay in the game. Use your ACTION cards to lower your chances of picking a BONKED card and if you do your one-time-use FEED card can help you survive one bonk. Last one pedalling WINS!'”

Designed and created in London, UK by Eleven Two Games Ltd.

☻ Game rules included 

☻ Suitable for ages 7+. 

☻ 2 – 6 players. 

☻ 10 – 30 minutes to play  

☻ Fits in a jersey back pocket

Get one now from Ipswich Bathroom & Tile Centre

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