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Thomas Crapper & Co – Most people familiar with his name know him as a celebrated figure in Victorian England, an ingenious plumber who invented the modern flush toilet. Although it’s been proven that he didn’t actually invent the loo as we know it, for over 150 years the Thomas Crapper name has become synonymous with superior quality.

Today the company still engineer authentic, period bathroom pieces, which they only provide through a network of carefully selected dealers. With four
Royal Warrants in total, it’s no surprise Thomas Crapper & Co. are renowned for quality – they’ve weathered the storm of British manufacturing, to keep on making exceptional, authentic Victorian and Edwardian bathroom pieces. Sometimes it is the little things that make a difference. The attention to detail means they create the very finest products, what the company refer to as “The Crapper Difference”!

Thomas Crapper products are developed using the highest quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques whilst incorporating advances in technology to suit modern plumbing practices without affecting the integrity of the product.

So if you are looking for a spectacular showpiece for your downstairs loo, a stunning feature bathroom or just some top quality accessories, the traditional, period TC ‘look’ will give you something special.

For more advice on Thomas Crapper & Co products and sanitaryware please visit the Ipswich Bathroom and Tile Centre.

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