A Water Softener for your home

Every house in the South of England should have a Water Softener. Once you have a Softener, you will say, “I can’t believe I didn’t get a Softener earlier” 

From £880 , including installation & 50kg of Salt Tablets

  • Higher Grade Resin
  • Can use Block Salt or the 25kg bag of

Just look at some of the benefits:

  • Keeps your Kitchen & Bathroom scale and spot mark free.
  • Descales your boiler and appliances over time and makes them last
    years longer.
  • Eliminates existing scale on your taps and shower screen.
  • All of your pipes throughout the whole house will descale over time and work more efficiently, whilst reducing your heating bills.
  • Skin: Improves dry skin dramatically. Eczema and Psoriasis: Most cases improve or clear up completely.
  • No more hand creams and barely any moisturisers. Half the amount of face cream.
  • Shampoo: Half the amount. Conditioner: One quarter of the amount.
  • Household Cleaning Products, Body Soaps and Shower Gels: Half
    the amount.
  • Washing Powder: 1 tablespoon, that’s less than a quarter of the amount.
  • No more Descalers, Dishwasher Salt or Rinse Aid.
  • Half the amount of Dishwasher Powder
  • No more Calgon at £12 a box. 

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Otto Tiles and Design – Moroccan, Encaustic cement, Terrazzo, Fish Scale, Turkish & Bespoke Tiles

Otto Tiles & Design is a proud provider of encaustic cement tiles, Moroccan tiles, ceramic tiles, terrazzo tiles, fish scale tiles, Turkish tiles and bespoke tiles, based in London, Zurich and Istanbul.

Making beautiful tiling is an ancient art, passed down from master to apprentice over thousands of years, and by combining these ancient techniques with modern technology, we have brought exceptionally handcrafted tiling to people all over the world.

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Outdoor Patio Tiles

Breda Natural  – an excellent choice for your outdoor patio. Breda Natural ia an extruded natural klinder made using high quality clays without flux. It is produced in a single firing at 1360°C, giving it a one off look and a natural blend of shades as well as excellent technical performance for outdoor use. Its wide range of pieces will meet your project needs,

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Excellent Design Quality Value Shower Enclosure with Lifetime Guarantee

A 900 x 900 mm two door Quality Quadrant Enclosure for £279* represents excellent value. Beautiful modern design with impressive features

Ipswich Bathroom CentreFeatures include Quality 6 mm Toughened Easy Clean & Wipe Glass, Metal Chrome plated handles, Adjustable twin doors for easy installation, Frame with 30 mm adjustment for easy installation, Smooth running bearings, Quick release spring loaded wheels on doors for easy cleaning, Positive Magnetic seals, 1950 mm high, Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects plus 2 Year Warranty on all working parts

Design    Quality   Value

Come and see this shower enclosure at Ipswich Bathroom and Tile Centre,


*Subject to availability, next day availability

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